Pit Stop

Pit Stop ★★★½

Charming and honest, a low-fi little gem of a movie that focuses on those moments after love has departed and just before a new love arrives, what those lonely interludes mean to us and how we survive. Director Yen Tan sets his mood of melancholy from the start and although there are times of appropriate levity he doesn't really let up thanks to some fine softly spoken performances from the four leads that capture a variety of moods and emotions and a well chosen selection of musical cues. Features one of the more impressively shot sex scenes in my memory, one that doesn't feel gratuitous, exploitative or unnecessary, utilising a camera setup that demonstrates real thought and care had gone in to connecting with both the actors and the audience.

Bill Heck is the standout performer who adds an extra layer of quality to proceedings, not exactly carrying the film but boosting it with his subtlety and heart.

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