The Assignment ★½

Ugh. WHY?! Yes i'm a CIS white boy, pretty fucking white in fact, though I am sans hipster beard, but for the most part I felt like Walter Hill wanted to make positive statements about being trans and the nature of sexual identity. That it's obviously an uncomfortable misstep of a watch however is something that we can all surely agree to and move on without further discussion I think. 

A shame because for what the great writer/director apparently intended to be a fun, violent B-movie in actuality is a giant snoozefest consisting of mostly good to great actors going "blah blah blah blah blah" for 90 minutes. Sigourney had a few moments but that aside I failed to identify any fun throughout and as for violence....perhaps this movie had some genre reassignment surgery against its will and nobody told the marketing team?

I'm actually appalled. This is by far his least likable film, even more so than the dreadful Alan Smithee joint Supernova.

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