Winter's Bone ★★★½

Winter's Bone is a decent movie and an OK adaptation of a wonderful novel, it's held together by the only good performance of Jennifer Lawrence's career to date and is the cause of heated debated in our household as to whether there can really be a good book to movie adaptation. We got stuck at Fight Club.

The problem lies in the changes that get made to suckle at Hollyweird's teet, change too much and what's the point in adapting the source in the first place, don't change enough and the translation from page to screen is awkward and stilted. Jurassic Park makes changes but you get caught up in all that magical dinosaur stuff so it doesn't matter too much.

Winter's Bone makes changes and it loses the mystical and somewhat magical air, the lack of knee deep snow removes a layer of depressing misery, the near constant wardrobe changes and constant shots of laundry blowing in the breeze removes a layer of poverty, make Ree Dolly more masculine and you lose some of the conflict within her character, she also becomes less delicate and much more like the people she is confronting. As such this fan of Daniel Woodrell is a frustrated viewer indeed.

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