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  • The Face of Another

    The Face of Another


    This film, like few others have done, transcends the medium into pure unadulterated art. Every tiny minuscule detail of the movie is crafted particularly to fit the genius of Teshigahara. Nothing is left to chance and all orchestrated together to create something higher than cinema. This is the nature of how multi-faceted artist, renaissance man, and one of Japan's greatest directors Hiroshi Teshigahara operates in his insane creative process.

    Exaggerations are well left behind, this film is meticulously designed to…

  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad


    Deconstructing cinema much in the way Bresson wanted to do, but in a more grand fashion. It is akin to the Dadaist art movement of anti-art, breaking the rules and destroying the notion of what we perceive as true art. Perhaps not fully to that extent, but Resnais clearly experiments with the medium of cinema in a way majorly unaccepted, and ironically it becomes the focal point of where the film's greatness lies.

    Last Year at Marienbad begins with repetitive…

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  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    So far, I think this is the best of Adam McKay's last three films where he has tried to cement himself as a serious awards bait director. That's not saying much, but what I felt this one acheived over the others was treading that line between reality and parody fairly well. Not to say the parody was always good, but it helps that this film isn't based on real people or events like The Big Short or Vice.

    It is…

  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    I feel betrayed. I watched this on a whim without realizing until after the fact that it was a remake of a foreign film. This is what happens when remakes get churned out so quickly after their original counterparts. I had not even heard of the original film prior to after watching this. From what I understand, this remake was pretty much a carbon copy of the original as well. I honestly do not get the point of such remakes,…

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  • Persona



    Hyperboles do not matter when discussing Persona, for the film is all but stated in fact that it is not only Bergman's masterpiece, but holding the incredible feat of being considered one of if not the best film ever made.

    There are many factors that go into Persona carrying this title, perhaps even too many to explain or be able to fit in this review, but needless to say, it has every element that a perfect film should have. From…

  • Winter Light

    Winter Light


    Lying beneath the arches and mosaics of the moderately decorated architecture, the dusty half empty pews, and the flooded natural sun leaking down over the congregation is a clandestine struggle quietly waging war within us. In a Bergman film, this is merely setting the stage.

    Winter Light is an example of a perfect film, at least in the Bergman vocabulary sense. For a film designed almost in a theatrical concept for its minimalism, it remains largely cinematic, and achieves a…