Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★½

I know many will disagree or loathe me to a certain extent with comparing these two men and putting their names together in a sentence...... But I think its hard to deny that Tarantino much like Kubrick puts his films into a genre all their own. Both have such a unique and definitive stamp on their films that it would be impossible to pass them off as anyone else's. Tarantino, the movie and cultural nerd that he is, finds originality from his biggest inspirations and by doing so mashes them together. Piece by piece he forms a hybrid and a new birth of cinema. The man is a natural born entertainer with his filmmaking.

"Django Unchained" featured some of the most hilarious and absurd pieces of scoring, humor, visuals and acting that there really is nothing to compare it to besides another Tarantino film. When you mix a Peckinpah batch of violence and gore with a Leone visuals, Tarantino's wordplay, and a soundtrack that features anything from Tupac to Johnny Cash, you just know you are in for treat.

Everyone is going to want to talk about DiCaprio's role in this film. He is playing against his type as one of the first antagonist roles of his career and also Tarantino's masterful skill at developing some of the best villainous characters. And talk they shall as it was a great performance and certainly award worthy as well HOWEVER with a big however, it was not the best performance in the film. That accolade goes once again to Mister Christoph Waltz. The proof should be his transition from Tarantino antagonist in Inglorious Basterds to the protagonist here. His shift was effortless and he completely embodied Dr. King Schultz as much as he did previously as Hans Landa. And besides Samuel L. Jackson (a veteran of Tarantino cinema), Waltz is the only other actor who chew and spit out the dialogue of QT so easily.

"Django Unchained" is the most fun I have had at the theaters in a long time. That could be due to either of two things. Nothing this fun and exuberant has came out recently in theaters or I have had a long dry spell.

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