There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

While watching this film especially for the first time the viewer will digest what is given and not much more. But upon closer examination, here more than ever you will be able to see and witness the very essence that encapsulates everything that is to do with filmmaking. Paul Thomas Anderson has displayed his mastery many times before this film and has proven with only a small handful amount of films to his credit that what he does, what he creates and performs is all within his natural habitat and the exact space he is suppose to contain.

A vision into the future is exactly what Upton Sinclair had when writing the novel "Oil" in which this film is loosely based. For a period piece movie, its content is strikingly similar to modern day. The thematics of the film covers many different topics and interpretations to its meaning. Many stand boldly in the open but this film is in actuality a very complex piece of filmmaking. There is a constant power struggle between Daniel and Eli Sunday and what both represent as one of if not the main conflict in the movie. Greed is undeniably the main theme, greed in all of its forms. From jealousy in human nature and wanting to stand above the crowd of your fellow individuals or the type of corporate greed that oil companies and big businesses represent. Or you have Eli Sunday and the church of the third revelation that is displayed to contain and thrive on the same exact greed and corruption that the corporations use. The multi-million dollar churches and televised evangelists who ask for donations while they sleep in a mansion. Oddly similar to today's world.

P.T. Anderson knows how to direct actors better than anyone but with Daniel Day-Lewis I'm sure the job was not at all that difficult to do. Whatever movie the man is in he completely embodies his role and physically changes in the process of his method acting. No other actor working today or in the past could morph and transform like he can. Day-Lewis is completely unrecognizable in this film. Paul Dano's false prophet is also mesmerizing and unflinching. It is these two men's show with Anderson orchestrating the entire thing.

As I said before, everything that has to do with filmmaking "There Will Be Blood" epitomizes the entire process done right. From the moment the film begins and the haunting screech of the musical score roars in the mountain top and valley, the mood has been set. With no dialogue we as viewers already begin the movie with a sense of dread and anxiety. Day-Lewis places the dynamite in the excavation site and climbs out to pull up his tools. All of a sudden we have a race against time and suspense has been poured on the viewers with just a simplistic turn in story telling. The entire movie works this way. You will not even notice how this film does all of the right and necessary things a film should do. It is everything cinematic and visually perfect.

"There Will Be Blood" is a modern day masterpiece and as the last spoken words by Daniel Planview: "I'm finished"!

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