The Chalice of Blood

The Chalice of Blood ★½

Clearly made with passion. But passion only takes you so far and Verimalja took its course with it. Where to start picking this apart. Script was awful and it's hard to imagine that one would start to shoot a movie this script. Plot points aren't developed enough to give the plot a chance to tell the story it's trying to tell. Movie starts and you feel like that some of the plot has already been explained outside of the movie's running time. There were these crusade flashbacks that were messy as hell. They could've told origins the whole but missed the mark entirely and left even more under developed plot points. Looking this from the premise point of view this could've been an awesome war-adventure action flick but instead they were running trough the plot.

Editing was horrendous. Characters were speaking and suddenly movie cuts to totally different scene. Being honest even good editing wasn't going to save this movie.

Acting was bit amateurish and lead had acted in finnish soap operas before this. Not one of the actors made believe they were soldiers.

If you're going to do a war/action movie without using blanks then you good vfx and better caliber actors to sell the gun not really firing. Also you need plan your shots better than in this. In one shot they showed a machine gun "firing" but the belt wasn't moving. Actors over acted the recoil.

Why on earth you dub the soviet characters to speak russian but not germans to speak german? Everybody else spoke finnish except the soviets. Even the two guys from the Vatican.

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