The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes ★★★★★

“The music is all that matters. Nothing but the music.”

A disastrous tale, casted with the shadow of utter longing for the flashing lights of the world to fall upon one's puny frame. She danced. The night turned to day, the day left for night to fall again. As if she were a bird on the brink of leaving the warmth of its nest, setting off into the unknown. What lies beyond the outskirts of comfort, she intends to sway and twirl her way into.

How could love be deemed as a curse
rather than a blessing, only hindering one's abilities and crushing their potential. Why diminish that one thing that keeps our lives afloat. Why detach her from the pleasures of winding up in a lover's embrace after hardships thrash her weakening body and leave her to lay down, almost lifeless.

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