Far from Vietnam

Far from Vietnam ½

This is far beyond ignorant bullshit and undoubtedtly the most insufferable film of all time. If I could, I'd give this a negative rating. So many of these French directors are just incorrigibly dumb, trapped in their own little academic-artistic worlds of haughty philosophizing, idealistically and loftily applying their theoretical politics to the real world. And with such disconnection.

I still cannot fathom how non-Vietnamese people could possibly praise Minh. Yes, and as much as I loathe Minh beyond words for personal, familial reasons, I can understand why Vietnamese people may support him: after all, he is the reason why Vietnam is like it is today. So my issue with non-Viets who love Minh is that they are foolishly, idealistically applying their nonsense 'theory' to the world; blinded by their position and disconnection from Minh's reign of terror, in no way able to comprehend what he has done; lost in their vacuum chambers, sheltered from the outside world - and so they think it's appropriate and not at all insensitive to create such "art" from such a sheltered standpoint: as is the case with a vast majority of artists, philosophers (political ones, especially), academics, and - hell - much of the general population nowadays who worship such outdated ideologies and political philosophies as communism while being completely blind to their real-world status in society. It's something beyond asinine.

And Godard just sucks, too. Just horrible.

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