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  • Bad Boys for Life

    Bad Boys for Life


    Shat else could you ask for?! Sure Lawerence gained a few pounds and the action direction isn't as tight as Bay's but there's still TONS of shit to have fun with here.

    I love how wild the stories goes but I do wish it went a bit darker and more gritty in the finale or lead up. Would've loved to see an angry Will Smith just taking names, out for ruthless revenge. BUT we got a very enjoyable come-back, I…

  • Nightfall



    Really strong Noir that falters a little with it's ending but is fun as hell up to that point, plus it's only 78 minutes. Watch it!

    Total Coen brother set up results in some cool time shifts and really great black and white photography. The Criterion Channel has a great transfer on there. Could've used a little more thrills in the latter parts of the movie but the chemistry between the characters really works. Every actor in here is giving…

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  • Pixels



    Pixels doesn't only pop off the screen with it's terrific visuals, it also pairs a more restrained Sandler with an insane Dinklage and wacky Gad to comedic gold. A ton of fun.

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    Holy moly do not get the love for this. Fractured and without ever showing how emotions are created and instead showing only end results, Little Women is kind of a boring mess. Timmy C brings some energy to the tepid flick but it’s not enough to get me going at all. Tons of people I know loved it though so don’t listen to me but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.