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  • Chaplin Today: The Kid

    Chaplin Today: The Kid

    Worth it just for the parts with Abbas in Iran, which start 14 or 15 mins in. I didn't realize that the shot in The Wind Will Carry Us where a person carries bundle of grass or straw so large we just a bundle waddling on little legs is cribbed from Chaplin. Abbas uses the same sight gag in Where Is The Friend's House?.

    Sad and disturbed to learn of Lita Grey who was 12 when she played an angel…

  • Devil's Doorway

    Devil's Doorway

    -- Final and favorite movie in my Anthony Mann marathon --

    Weren't classic westerns supposed to glorify the west? I thought cynicism about western ideals was invented sometime in the '70s.

    It's breathtaking to see a movie from 1950 attack the bigotry and false promises of white American's this fiercely. Most Native American's here are played by white actors in problematic make-up, but they at least made an effort to cast First Nations actors: this was the final movie of…

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  • Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Long Day's Journey Into Night


    I was not expecting this to be so steeped in Tarkovsky: tracking shots of ruined buildings in rain (Stalker), the horse dropping its apples (Ivan's Childhood), Luo carefully carrying the lantern across the room and back (Nostalghia), the references to buildings burning down (Mirror, The Sacrifice), suddenly flying with a perspective shot and voice over (Andrei Rublev), all the railroad tracks and sounds (Stalker), the glass sliding off the table (Stalker), the use of rain and water (Solaris), the spinning…

  • Midsommar


    Life's been busy (unemployment and job hunting are surprisingly draining and time consuming!) so I've fallen 7 movies behind on reviews and will probably be brief with most of them.

    Like Hereditary, Midsommar finds horror in grief and family trauma and builds towards a finale where that pain is the key to an occult or pagan ritual. Two main differences: Midsommar is a shitty relationship/extremely messy breakup movie and where Hereditary was steeped in darkness, Midsommar is drenched in sunlight.…