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  • CODA



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    the biden presidency

    adding to my white prestige movies list for the let’s get it on scene alone, which feels like a war crime

    thank you to this movie for making me read and cry to the lyrics to both sides now! still not a great song to employ diegetically but

    edit: just before this won best picture (christ on a cross), i made a supercut of all of the horrendous moments in this movie. it’s pretty reprehensible when viewed side by side - a best screenplay winner had the line “you must du-et together” in it! never forget!

  • Mank



    “I’ve got a great idea for a picture, Louis...A picture I just know you're gonna love.”

    I didn’t exactly enjoy watching Citizen Kane. Long upheld as the definitive, untouchable paragon of the art of film, the 1941 movie contains timeless characters, indelible images arising from its innovative grasp on technique, and a hard-boiled – yet anachronistic – cynicism that has aged like fine wine, to be sure. But in the year of our lord 2020, Kane is not what I…

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  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    music taste leaves something to be desired

    even post-OD they’re always nagging you “you promise to come see me in the ER” ugh can’t get em to just shut up sometimes like i already BUMMED you the heroin what more do you want bitch? right fellas

    didn’t really prompt a response beyond the intended. fairly small-scale. chalamet good - best i’ve reeeeeally seen him. not the office reunion i wanted. sponsor bubbles! idfk

  • Goldfinger



    “Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus” stop ittttt

    one of the most sexually depraved films ever

    personally believe this series was (is?) overall detrimental to the standards of a populist moviegoing public, but also to how masculinity was portrayed through the 60s and beyond, at least in pop culture. if “cool” is a tenable substitute for “ideal,” this really doesn’t posit it as successfully as people had thought, wrote, cast, etc. kiiiinda reads as blatant heteronormativity and dude wish-fulfillment, with its trademarked reliance…

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