Buddies ★★★★★

I had not heard of this until my friend picked it to watch for the 1985 episode of the Gilded Films Podcast. I'm so glad they picked it because this is such an essential film, both in terms of quality and importance.

As a revolutionary narrative film about AIDS in the 1980s, this movie breaks a lot of ground. It's political in how it signals the number of people who died of the disease because of inactivity from political leaders. It's also intensely personal by focusing on a man and his friendship with a man who is suffering from AIDS. The relationship between the two men is the heart and soul of the film, and it flourishes from a great screenplay and wonderful performances from David Schachter and Geoff Edholm.

The conversations between the two characters are instantly intriguing, as they discuss their personal lives and their differing experiences as gay men. Aside from some slight issues with the sound, it's a wonder what director Arthur J. Bressan Jr. was able to do with this film on such a small budget.

It's on Kanopy, check it out!

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