Highlander III: The Sorcerer

Highlander III: The Sorcerer ★★

After the first two Highlander movies, I was primed and ready to go into this expecting another fantastic entry to a film franchise that is rapidly becoming an all-time favourite.

It's.... alright? Somehow it comes across as the least ambitious of the three I've seen so far. The gonzo urban fantasy of the first movie, and the batshit sci-fi nonsense of the second I grew to adore is replaced with a relatively standard-feeling globetrotting sword rival movie. Mario Van Peebles absolutely decimated it as the villain in this (a running theme, I'm seeing. These bad bastards fucking rock), he and Lambert give surprisingly earnest performances that really elevate things.

Maybe I should let time fall on this movie so I can think about it more clearly, this is a fairly lucid entry to a franchise I've gotten quite used to being complete insanity. It being SO standard and generic deflated me bad. As it stands, I doubt I'm re-watching this any time soon.

Also what the fuck is with the negative receptions to 2 and this one?