Spider-Man ★★★★½

I don't know if I'm merely projecting because modern superhero movies have immunised me to their constant barrage of quippy, self-referential winks to the audience; the affixes to every expository scene with too much Comic Weirdness in it that lends levity in a way that reeks of zero confidence. The MCU machine is a juggernaut of Brand and Capital, but it's so embarrassed of itself. Anyway it's nice to see this and find the whole thing like, endearing and earnest, it was so sweet! Small character moments with zero attention that make all the difference, like J.J.J. not ratting Peter out as his Spidey photographer while he's still in the room. Lmao at the scene where Peter imagines taking Mary Jane for a drive in a new car and it just like, overlays two faded images of a car and her face. Very comfy warm colour grading, couple great monologues, v v v nice surprise!