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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    I had very high expectations because Flanagan's House on Haunted Hill series was perhaps my favorite piece of storytelling, ever, so I was bound to be a bit let down, especially because this one is based on one of King's weaker novels.
    I could sense Flanagan was at home with the addiction themes (as was the novel) but damn if all the True Knot plotting doesn't drag a bit on the whole thing.
    Rebecca Ferguson is a mesmerizing, as usual,…

  • Jessabelle



    I could watch Sarah Snook in any cliched, hackneyed, bland Blumhouse movie that comes down the pipe... and I did.

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  • Terrifier



    Whoa, I was shocked how genuinely disturbing I found Art the Clown. I was certain that the whole scary clown thing was played out, but along came this silent freak.

  • Veronica



    Pretty good.
    It unfortunately fell into the (o-so-common in modern horror) needless cgi trap.

    I really dug both the synth-80's score & the pop music scattered throughout.