Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

I've been seeing a lot of takes that MCU Spidey takes the character way too far out of his working class roots as a way to make pro-tech billionaire propaganda, and I mean, fair, but probably a little bit harsh. Do I like tech bro proto-Tony Peter? No way. It's not why I like or relate to the character, and I've lamented the death of the "kid from a low-income single-parent household, living paycheck to paycheck who's down on his luck" more than anyone. But "propaganda" implies the filmmakers went out of their way to promote a bad message instead of what I'm sure probably happened:

"Hey, how do we make a cool-looking Spider-Man movie in a way that they don't make fun of us for ripping off Raimi?"
"Idk, put him in a robot suit?"
"Ok, cool"

That Iron Spider suit is still uglier than sin though

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