Baby Driver

Baby Driver ★★★★★

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that feels like every frame was meant for you. Baby Driver just did that to me. This is a pure symphony of action, hilarity and just pure filmmaking bliss. 

Edgar made a movie for all of us who drum on our steering wheel too much, stay in the car a little extra to finish a great tune air guitar at work or need an extra "HEY" to pull out our earphones.

I am eternally grateful. I am never throwing out my iPod classic until the day I die or it dies. 

P.S. I can't describe how awesome it is to see your old college as the backdrop for such a great heist scene. I had art history in that post office they robbed!! 

Thank you for making a love letter to Atlanta like no one ever has, Edgar. It made me so damn homesick.