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This isn't so much a review in any typical sense of the word, but it's something personal I wanted to share.

As I walked out of the theater this time from Interstellar with my entire family and my wonderful girlfriend, I could feel something was a little off. My girlfriend's normally a quiet person, but on the ride home I could tell she was being abnormally silent as she was trying to absorb all of what she just saw without tearing up.

When we got home, we both laid on the bed and I just let her cry and cry and cry as she let it all out and I could only hold her to try and comfort her. I couldn't stop crying myself. I had thought I would cry less this time around, but having someone next to me whom I love so profoundly made a lot of the emotionality hit even harder.

Once we stopped sniffling I turned to look deep in her eyes and I'll never forget what I thought next: this is the most important moment in human history. In all of space and time. The vastness and majesty of the entire universe is absolutely minuscule in scale compared to the importance of the connection between two people who love each other.

She told me the movie had filled her with this overwhelming despair about humanity and the loss of life on Earth and at the thought of having me or anyone she loves leave her when it comes time for fate to take its toll.

But I tried to help her remember: humanity survived. It will live on. And we are only beginning our journey. Our lives can be spent bemoaning the inevitability of death or embracing the hope and happiness that makes us human. I want to spend my life loving her, and we are only at the very start of a life that will be filled with hope and joy.

"Love transcends space and time" was a line she had laughed at in the theater, but I simply had to bring it up to reassert my point. It's something I completely understand is one of the most cheesy things ever said in a movie, but somehow it still strikes a chord in me because my love for Abbey can't be quantified or explained in any rational sort of way.

So my love for Abbey is echoing throughout the stars tonight. It's ringing through every nebula and gas giant for eons and eons. If I was trapped on a dead planet, my space helmet leaking oxygen as I gasped for air, I know my survival instincts would kick in with thoughts of her.

I'd travel across every galaxy ever discovered to get back to her.

Love transcends, indeed.

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