Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

God this fucking suuuuuucked. It made my distaste for Batman v Superman look mild in comparison to this actively infuriating experience. 

I was at least hoping for some trashy superhero fun but once you get past the mediocre comic-book introduction of all the characters it transformed into this godawful D-grade military vs. zombie shooter. 

The action is sooooooo boooooring. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put the entire climactic battle in smoke anyway??? And white dudes with beards shooting at the most bland looking monsters I've ever seen just makes for completely uninvolving action scenes. 

The movie actually kinda worked when it was down to just the "Squad" of weirdos interacting and not the cast of Tom Clancy's The Division walking around with them. The scene at the bar is a painful reminder that if the movie ACTUALLY CENTERED AROUND THE DYNAMICS OF THE FUCKING SUICIDE SQUAD, it may have actually been fun. 

Unlike a lot of others I didn't totally mind the way Jared Leto's Joker looked, but it's clear from maybe 30 seconds into his performance that this is a real bum note portrayal of the villain we know and love. Maybe there's room to grow or maybe it was totally a good idea to keep him out of this movie. 

David Ayer, I hope for your sake that the studio actually did mess with your movie, cause this trash was fucking inexcusable. 

Stay far away I warn you.