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  • Black Moon Rising

    Black Moon Rising


    First saw this when it dropped on VHS and kind of dismissed it as a so-so time killer. It wasn't as whiz-bang or hyper stylized as I had expected. 30 odd years later it's kind of my jam?

    Screenplay/story credit for John Carpenter and it seems like his take on a neon noir a la The Driver or Thief. It's a small scale crime picture but with enough arch Carpenter-y elements sprinkled throughout to elevate it ever so slightly into…

  • The Obscene Mirror

    The Obscene Mirror


    Watched the chaste Spanish version which came as shock after watching the super horned out Cries of Pleasure. It is low key and somber for Franco but has a stony downer vibe that I found effective.

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  • Killer Barbys

    Killer Barbys


    Late period Franco. A 90s rock / horror film. Not as wild as it should be but it has its moments. The concert scene opener is fun and energetic but the film gets sidetracked early. Once the band hits the old dark castle there is a lot of treading water with very little to keep our interest until the third act. The climax was enjoyable and hints at a much better film.

    Silvia Superstar carries her stage presence over to…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    A classic that I have put off watching for decades. I have seen other iterations of the "invisible person" story and I have always found the concept lacking. I finally caught up with the OG and honestly, I still find it lacking. This one plays like a comedy without a proper lead foil to carry the story. We are left with Claude Rains character pulling wacky pranks and committing major crimes all while presumably naked and laughing like Daffy Duck.…