Favorite films

  • La Belle Noiseuse
  • Heat
  • The Mephisto Waltz
  • Frankenstein Created Woman

Recent activity

  • Orgy of the Dead


  • We're Going to Eat You


  • Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula


  • Once Upon a Midnight Scary


Recent reviews

  • Martin



    Watched Argento's Wampyr cut for the first time. Martin is a masterpiece and a personal favorite. And while I love Argento and Goblin this cut is a big amateurish mess which retains none of the original's mood and undercuts its major set pieces. **1/2

  • The Halfway House

    The Halfway House


    The type of horned up DTV horror fodder that littered video store shelves in the 80s but this is 2004 so there are nipple piercings and a simulated fisting. Watched this for Mary Woronov who did not disappoint (she never does). It's a decent dumdum time killer with a fair amount of nudity and a ridiculous two tentacled off brand Lovecraftian creature to boot. If you're a fan of such things and go in with low expectations it's worth a go.

Popular reviews

  • The Black Cat

    The Black Cat


    Starts out as a moderately enjoyable Suspiria fan film-- lots of color, goop and grue, some wink-wink meta commentary, use of the Goblin theme AND some choice metal cues. It was ok and I had resigned myself to smiling politely through its runtime BUT THEN the third act turns into a trippy cosmic showdown by way of laser light spookshow freak out and I was over the moon! 5 stars for that.

  • The Dark Half

    The Dark Half


    Trying to fill in the gaps in my masters of horror watchlist. This title is one I've halfheartedly meant to get to for a couple decades. I love Romero, I like King but this...I dunno...maybe it was the Timothy Hutton factor? I don't hate the guy but I always got an "entitled customer at Starbucks" vibe from him. He does an ok job here playing *spoiler* twins(sorta). There is the bougie 'less-charming Kevin Kline' serious author character and then there…