The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

"stop bickering, go make love."

i saw this film 8 hours ago, and i'm unsurprisingly still buzzing from the feeling it gave me. wes anderson's work means so much to me that i find myself tearing up as i write this. i truly don't understand how anyone believes wes creates his films with style over substance when he's one of the few directors that includes an overwhelming amount of both in everything he creates. out of all of his previous films, this one reminded me of the grand budapest hotel the most, not just because it is also about a story (or stories), but because it's about the end of something: an air of melancholy permeates both films, and somehow wes managed to make me feel just as somber about a newspaper editor's death as i feel about something as enormous as the fascist takeover of europe. of course, it looks really fucking good, too. i can't begin to explain how much i adored the second story - especially the cafe le sans blague scene - and the characters of zeffirelli, juliette, and ms krementz (wes anderson films always make me want to smoke, and then i smoke and remember it's disgusting). i can't wait to see this again and again and discover more things to love about it every time.

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