Satantango ★★★★★

“But human life is meaningful, rich, beautiful, and filthy. It links everything. It mistreats freedom only... wasting it, as if it was junk. People don’t like freedom, they are afraid of it. The strange thing is there is nothing to fear about freedom... order, on the other hand, can often be frightening.”

An absolute behemoth of cinema. Sátántangó is truly something special; I was absolutely hypnotized throughout the monstrous 7 hour runtime. This is a film I legitimately can’t find any flaws with; everything on a technical standpoint that I can think of is perfect. What an unbelievable experience; I’m never going to forget it.

Also, this is now my 1000th film on this site, and it is extremely fitting! This was something I’ve been meaning to get around to forever, and I’m glad I finally did it for such a big milestone. I love cinema..

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