Murder Mystery ★★★★

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler star in "Mystery Movie," 2019 film from Netflix, which set a new viewer record in its first few days of release.

Aniston and Sandler are Audrey and Nick Spitz - he's a police officer (she thinks he's been promoted to detective) and she's a hairdresser. They are on a 15-year delayed honeymoon. On the plane, Audrey is curious about first class and, sneaking in, she meets Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans), a moustached, dapper smoothie who invites Audrey and Nick to take a trip on his yacht. Nick says they have plans - they are going somewhere via bus to see how ham is cured - but once they hear the screaming kids boarding the bus, they change their minds.

They then become involved in the murder of the patriarch, Malcolm (Terence Stamp) just as he's about to sign his will. One suspect is his son, Tobey, because he is due to inherit the bulk of the estate under French law. But there are many others.

This is a very funny, silly movie, perfect for a relaxing evening. Nothing deep, no groundbreaking performances, just light fun with wonderful chemistry between the leads.

Enjoy, and don't miss the in joke at the very end. If you're a mystery buff, you'll get it.