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  • The Girl and the Spider

    The Girl and the Spider


    I finally saw Das merkwürdige Kätzchen (2013) last week in prep for Das Mädchen und die Spinne (2021), which I saw yesterday in the cinema... amazing works (supposed to be part1 and 2 of a trilogy of sorts)! I already knew of the status of Katzchen as a highly recommended hidden gem, just never had gotten round to it. The new one is even better. First i have to say how similar they are. The setting, the style, the people,…

  • Stakes


    I saw this through the directors (own?) Youtube channel.
    Amazing stuff. It has on-screen text both in Russian and English that work towards some kind of "plot" that makes the links with the work of Yefgeni Yufit obvious. There is also some footage of Silver Heads (Serebryanye Golovy, 1998) used.

    There are four animated shorts on the channel, not in the best quality but this one was very watchable. Only two of them are listed on Imdb and are on Letterboxd.

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