Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★½

A great concept and some great elements, unfortunately, go to waste here. Modern fascist movements rely on the romanticization and ideation of groups such as the Nazis as strong and powerful groups of stoic men ready to die for their country. The mocking of them as blind fools who never stood a chance is accepted wholeheartedly as a concept. However, the heart of Jojo Rabbit lessens as it progresses. The comedy starts to hit less and the drama starts to feel less genuine. From my admittedly privileged perspective, Jojo Rabbit handles its subject and setting of Nazi Germany with care, less so its plot. Does this make the film COMPLETELY useless or unenjoyable? Maybe for some, but I still found things to grasp onto (that cinematography in particular). However, just 2 days removed from it, I struggle to feel I have brought any meaningful change with me after its runtime has concluded.

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