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  • Oh Lucy!

    Oh Lucy!


    Another movie sold short by its trailer. This picture is darker and at times more twee than the corny fish-out-of-water indie it was advertised as, and the conflicting tones work to the movie’s advantage. Filmmaker Hirayanagi takes Setsuko/Lucy on the expected journey from office drone to some idea of liberation, but she steers the character to places so much creepier and more desperate than the feel-good template usually permits. 

    The plot arc echoes that of the Zellner brothers’ Kumiko, the…

  • Pete's Dragon

    Pete's Dragon


    A gently moving fable set in a little village so magical that dragons are real and terrestrial radio plays Leonard Cohen’s “So Long, Marianne.” 

    The kids aren’t annoying, and Redford gives a more soulful performance than I’ve come to expect from him. As for Elliot the dragon, he’s remarkably rendered with expressive eyes, a face both feline and canine, and pettable green fur; the unexplained chipped tooth and the way he swings his legs when he flies, like he’s swimming…

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    What starts as a goofy, inspired meta-musical quickly devolves into a gory, preposterous (albeit accomplished) action flick. 

    Having seen Elgort's dried-vanilla presence in other films, it's easy to imagine this as his Caberet or Something Wild moment: like Liza Minnelli and Melanie Griffith in those classics, he can thank flawless casting and a gifted director for his one shot at being the sexy and surprising heartbeat of a movie, the likes of which won't happen again in his career. 


  • Jaws



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    From Verna Fields’ impeccable editing to the justifiably iconic scars/Indianapolis scene, way more has been said about this movie than need be. A few thoughts on seeing it for the first time since its original run.

    - I loved the Altmanesque overlapping dialogue in a couple of the crowd scenes, as in the frenzy around the catching of the smaller shark. 

    - Lorraine Gary is delightfully awkward in the dinner scene. Spielberg certainly isn’t known for his strong female roles,…