Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★

This movie is carried by Williams’ excellent-as-ever performance and Reichardt’s clear-eyed attention to the emotional details of navigating a recession with virtually no resources. 

The simple plot and tearful climax reminded me of old b&w melodramas, but this is nowhere near as sentimental. Even when Reichardt’s camera goes in for the wrenching closeup, there’s no score — the whole movie is curiously dry. She takes a cool eye to what would otherwise play as a tearjerker; it’s like the picture has these very soothing rhythms, and I couldn’t shake the stillness with my tears. Still, it’s a beautiful slow burn with a moving supporting turn from Wally Dalton as a security guard/father figure. 

I hadn’t intended to rewatch this, but I’d just rewatched Reichardt’s Old Joy and realized that their Lucy was this Lucy, so I just had to.

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