The King ★★★★

The Henry IV and Henry V plays are my absolute favourite works of Shakespeare, so I am all about this movie. Granted, we don't get a stirring St Crispins Day speech in this one (The King is not really a Shakespeare movie, just Shakespeare-inspired), but we do get Timothèe Chalamet yelling "THIS IS ENGLAND", which gets the job done well enough. I will admit it is probably my Shakespearean bias that is pushing my rating up from 3ish stars to 4, but hey, this is my review and I can do what I want.

While I do think they could have done more with Hal's coming of age story, Timothèe Chalamet is undeniably very impressive in the titular role, and he portrays the character's growth with nuance and understanding. There is a lot of talk rather than action in the first half of the movie, and I suppose this is where people have had some qualms about the length and pace. Personally, however, I was never bored. And then, when it did finally come to the Battle of Agincourt, I really appreciated it as a medieval battle scene done well. It acknowledges that armour is really fucking heavy, and that the fighting is often messy and chaotic.

I probably shouldn't finish this review without mentioning RPatz's French accent. Yes it was funny and bordering on Monty Python-esque levels, but I feel like it worked? He got the laughs but also brought it back in a creepy way, and I feel like it was really nodding to The King's Shakespearean origins. Shakespeare regularly blends comedy and drama (and a LOT of dick jokes), so it certainly wasn't out of place to do it here.

In summary, unless you're very into the Henriad like me, you may be slighty less into this movie. That being said, it is still really rather good and worth a watch when it comes out on Netflix in November.