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  • Stockholm



    Fans of crime dramas will love this suspenseful film! Stockholm tells the crazy story of an ex-con who takes 3 prisoners hostage, during his attempt to free his old partner in crime, and develops a usual bond with one of the captives. The story is told in such a lighthearted way that the watcher sympathizes with the hostage’s feelings’ during the movie, but it also demonstrates how Stockholm syndrome really occurs. There was a review on Rotten Tomatoes that I…

  • Soul to Keep

    Soul to Keep


    This film had me on the edge of my seat! Soul to keep was a really clever film that brought a new level to the traditional horror format. In summary, the movie follows a group of friends who drunkenly summon Beelzebub, an ancient demon hell-bent on possessing and consuming souls, while vacationing at their dead grandparent’s country house. The entire cast of this movie did such an amazing job of conveying all the terror and fear they felt throughout their journey. It felt like each actor has a specific moment where you really connected with them. Definitely recommend to horror enthusiasts seeking an original film!

  • Saint Judy

    Saint Judy


    Strong female leads are always my favorite part of any film, and Michelle Monaghan gave an incredible performance as Judith Woods. Monaghan truly conveyed the resilience and determination that anybody, nevertheless a female lawyer, would’ve felt attempting to change immigration laws. What made it even better for me was that Woods character was attempting to fight for the rights of another woman. Throughout Saint Judy, Monaghan has to shift personalities, one minute she’s a bold lawyer, the next a comforting…

  • Darkness Visible

    Darkness Visible


    Fans of The Nun and Paranormal Activity will love this movie! Darkness Visible was, in three words, chilling, ominous, and thrilling. Overall, the film put a unique spin on supernatural horror, taking place in east India. The story follows, 28-year-old Ronnie, played by Jaz Deol, as he heads home to east India where a series of murders leads to a number of discoveries concerning his past. It felt like Ronnie was uncovering something new at every turn, and I definitely didn’t expect the ending. Don’t think anyone who watches will be disappointed!