Annette ★★★

Okay let’s see….

+ That opening number was amazing (and probably gave me unrealistic expectations about how the rest of the film would be)
+ I appreciated the style of the musical elements, especially the Simon Helberg scenes. 
+ Some real stand-out visuals and camera work…the boat scene, Cotillard’s various looks throughout the film, the spinning camera for The Conductor.

– Way too long, and pretty aimless in the first half. Checked the time an hour in to see how much left there was to sit through, and I NEVER do that in a theatre.
– Some of the songs dragged on and on, and even the big love theme was beaten into the ground.
– The stand-up comedy scenes felt endless.
– Of course the you-know-what was so creepy and strange and just felt like it was being weird just to be weird. 
– Ultimately felt no connection to the film or any of the characters. 

However, I’ve had “So May We Start” playing daily at my house since seeing it so I guess there’s that.