Favorite films

  • The Blair Witch Project
  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Aliens
  • Night of the Living Dead

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  • The Backrooms (Found Footage)


  • The Mean One


  • 2AM: The Smiling Man


  • What Happens Next Will Scare You


Recent reviews

  • What Happens Next Will Scare You

    What Happens Next Will Scare You


    A really entertaining comedy/horror film that succeeds at providing a lot of fun from its premise. The cast did a really good job and the viral videos were all surprisingly solid. Love the callback to WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL.

  • The Collingswood Story

    The Collingswood Story


    Despite having some rather shaky acting at times, I found this to be rather effective webcam based horror film that’s definitely a precursor to the ‘Screenlife’ style as see in cinema today There’s some genuinely creepy moments in it.

Popular reviews

  • Hellboy



    I think we have found this decade’s THE PUNISHER: WAR ZONE. While it doesn’t have the sophistication or personal touch of the Guillermo del Toro films, this reboot of the HELLBOY series has its own tone/vibe that makes it stand on its own as a film. It’s messy, gory, insane, weird and very entertaining. Imagine it this way: if The Cannon Group did a version of HB, it would be this. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, I’ll leave it up to you. For me personally, I had a really fun time with it.

  • Prey



    As a fan of the whole PREDATOR franchise, this is definitely one of the strongest and most well rounded entries in the series. It’s hugely entertaining, engaging, atmospheric, intense, beautifully shot and bloody. Lead star Amber Midthunder was great in the lead role.