• New York Ninja

    New York Ninja


    It has the plot structure of a superhero film but instead of having superhero as the central character, it’s a ninja. Just pure entertaining and hilarious brilliance from start to finish.

  • Hard Ticket to Hawaii

    Hard Ticket to Hawaii


    After so many viewings, it still truly is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of our time.

  • Pinocchio



    While it’s not his worst film as a filmmaker, sadly Robert Zemeckis’s harmless if unnecessary live-action remake of the classic 1940 Disney animated film is definitely his most laziest and uninspired. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the only stand out of the cast.

  • Nope



    As much as loved Jordan Peele’s previous films, this is definitely my favourite work of his so far. This was an absolutely fantastic sci-fi/horror film that’s brilliantly crafted and acted, funny, scary, surprising, thematically compelling and a pure spectacle from start to finish.

  • You Won't Be Alone

    You Won't Be Alone


    While it took me a little bit get into the vibe of it at first but once I did, I absolutely loved it. This was an truly exceptional film that uniquely blends folk-horror, fairytale, coming-of-age and existential drama to surprisingly life-affirming effect. Between this and his second film OF AN AGE (which I saw at MIFF 2022), writer/director Goran Stolevski is on track to be one of next great filmmakers.

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    If this long-gesturing passion project from Mike Flanagan cut some of the monologues out of it, it could have been a 2.5 hour film. Even then, it still most likely would have been just as average as this version was anyway. Despite some strong acting from most the cast (Kate Seigel and Hamish Linklater were the MVPs of it), solid atmosphere and really effective moments throughout it, it’s a frustrating, cliched, slightly patronising and thematically simplistic mix-bag of mini-series that…

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film


    Swifties: “I feel bad for you.”

    Jake Gyllenhaal: “I don’t think about you at all.”

  • Orphan: First Kill

    Orphan: First Kill


    I was a bit sceptical that this would be a worthy follow-up to the great 2009 horror film but to my surprise, it definitely is. This was an really entertaining prequel that fully embraces its trashiness and insanity. Isabelle Furhman is great once again.

  • Final Cut

    Final Cut


    Well, this was a major surprise. While it may lack the surprises and freshness of ONE CUT OF THE DEAD, Michel Hazanavicius’s French remake of it is still a hugely entertaining and funny horror/comedy that successfully recaptures what made the original special.

  • Ennio



    If you are a fan of the legendary Ennio Morricone, this is a must see. While a tad long, this was still a really engaging and insightful documentary that goes in-depth into his life, career and process as a composer. Especially with his classic film scores.

  • Broker



    While it isn’t on the same level as some of his previous films since it rehashes familiar themes that we’ve seen before, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest is still really engaging, funny, touching and understated film that has great performances from its cast.

  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

    Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


    Without a doubt one of the most adorable films I’ve seen in ages. It’s a truly hilarious, heartwarming, charming, satirical and touching animated/mockumentary film that has a brilliant vocal performance from Jenny Slate as “Marcel”.