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  • Once Upon a Honeymoon

    Once Upon a Honeymoon


    Bloody weird movie. There's barely an element of how the Second World War in Europe has been portrayed that remains absent from this movie, produced while the Nazi occupation was still in full flight.

    There's the lighthearted pre-war society comedy aspect like something out of Renoir and the broad stroke SS slapstick akin to Hogan's Heroes, mixed with elements of spy thrillers and heroic espionage, contrasted yet again with scenes of ruined cities that could've been lifted from Rossellini, even…

  • Man's Castle

    Man's Castle


    There was a prompt going around the Twittersphere the other day about favourite classical Hollywood actors, and a few folk were bemused at the inclusion of one Spencer Tracy as an option, over figures like say Cary Grant and James Stewart. 

    How strongly Tracy’s star has fallen in the last half century. There was a time where he was considered something like the greatest actor in the world. Maybe akin to a De Niro in his day. 

    Just like De…

Popular reviews

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    It feels so harsh to speak ill of something that is so well intentioned and which will no doubt bring so much joy to people, but I found this thing to be totally mediocre.

    I still haven’t read the novel, and my only prior experience of this story comes from Gillian Armstrong’s film version, which I know a lot of fans of the book (my mother included) have issues with. 

    I find Armstrong’s film on its own terms to be magnificent,…

  • Zeros and Ones

    Zeros and Ones


    A distillation of everything that makes up paranoia. This is what people have long said about somebody like Rivette, but formally Ferrara and Sean Price Williams have made something here which is the formal antithesis of Rivette’s world of paranoia.

    Disease, terrorism, torture, pursuit by military forces, betrayal and suicide bombing are all viscerally presented, and often without any need for motivation, just the concepts themselves carry the dread.

    But, as with a lot of Ferrara, the most paranoiac force…