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  • Rules Don't Apply

    Rules Don't Apply


    I haven’t laughed as hard in a film for a while. So many great gags, but I think the best is when Oliver Platt is yelling his head off at the wrong bungalow while the goddamn future Treasury Secretary looms as a silent, comic mannequin. Something akin to if Lynch had cast Donald Rumsfeld in Angelo Badalamenti’s role in Mulholland Drive. 

    The whole thing feels very Lynchian, not just cause we deal will a twisted old Hollywood. The slick digital…

  • Wonder Wheel

    Wonder Wheel


    As Eugene O’Neill knockoffs made by sex pests and featuring Jack Gore go, this isn’t nearly as good as Horace & Pete

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  • Little Women

    Little Women


    It feels so harsh to speak ill of something that is so well intentioned and which will no doubt bring so much joy to people, but I found this thing to be totally mediocre.

    I still haven’t read the novel, and my only prior experience of this story comes from Gillian Armstrong’s film version, which I know a lot of fans of the book (my mother included) have issues with. 

    I find Armstrong’s film on its own terms to be magnificent,…

  • The 15:17 to Paris

    The 15:17 to Paris


    Loose notes only, still coalescing my thoughts:

    - Could be the worst Clint since J. Edgar, but then I haven't seen the latter since its release and feel like I'd re-evaluate it more favourably today

    - My final opinion of the film rests upon how knowing Clint is with the jingoism presented. Experience suggests that of course he understands the blinkered nature of such thinking, this is the guy who made Gran Torino.

    - But the evidence before our eyes…