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  • Roar



    Here's an idea: get 110 lions, a handful of tigers, a few leopards, jaguars, and cheetahs and throw them in and around a house with a handful of humans. Despite knowing 1000% for sure that no one died during the making of this incredibly, insanely ill advised production I was just waiting for someone to get eaten (that's not to say that no one got seriously hurt, because according to Wikipedia over 70 people did).

    I don't know that I've…

  • Stone



    Do you like:
    •Satanic bikers?
    •Undercover cops?
    •Skinny dipping?
    •Blokes with beards?
    •Hot sheilas?
    •Top hats?
    •Sleeping in a coffin?

    If you answered "yes," "maybe," or "no" to any of these then you should watch Stone.

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  • Braddock: Missing in Action III

    Braddock: Missing in Action III


    I honestly thought they couldn't get any more jingoistic with this series but here we are and I'm really surprised (not surprised at all) that this movie throws out any and all logical consistancy with regard to the previous two entries. I'd love for someone who is not me to put in the work to do a timeline of Braddock's Vietnam exploits because I'm pretty sure he'd have to be a time traveler in order for the events in these…

  • Checkered Ninja

    Checkered Ninja


    A strange movie that looks very much like a kid's film but isn't. But it also doesn't lean super hard into the adult cartoon thing like, say, South Park so its tone flips between "kid's movie" and "irreverent adult cartoon" constantly. I think it is noble in its efforts to address some real world issues but ends up doing it in a kind of ham-fisted way which doesn't completely do those issues justice.

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  • Braven



    Jason Momoa murdering drug runners in creative ways set against a beautiful snowy mountain backdrop. You either want to see that or you don't.

  • God's Not Dead

    God's Not Dead


    On a second viewing it's still hilarious, still mind boggling, and still awe inspiring in its presentation of misinformation as fact.