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  • King Kong Escapes
  • Orlando
  • Cool as Ice
  • Twins of Evil

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  • Tora-san, the Good Samaritan

  • Ex Machina

  • Kangaroo Jack

  • Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

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  • Roar



    Here's an idea: get 110 lions, a handful of tigers, a few leopards, jaguars, and cheetahs and throw them in and around a house with a handful of humans. Despite knowing 1000% for sure that no one died during the making of this incredibly, insanely ill advised production I was just waiting for someone to get eaten (that's not to say that no one got seriously hurt, because according to Wikipedia over 70 people did).

    I don't know that I've…

  • Stone



    Do you like:
    •Satanic bikers?
    •Undercover cops?
    •Skinny dipping?
    •Blokes with beards?
    •Hot sheilas?
    •Top hats?
    •Sleeping in a coffin?

    If you answered "yes," "maybe," or "no" to any of these then you should watch Stone.

Recent reviews

  • Tora-san, the Good Samaritan

    Tora-san, the Good Samaritan

    A lot more Sakura screen time in this one! Maybe the first of the series where you see a genuine desire from Tora to care for someone in what seems to be a gentle, truly selfless way. In the past he’s been infatuated with women who were obviously out of his league or not interested in him romantically but this time it seemed like there was a good chance that it could work (not that I’d believe they’d actually let…

  • Queen of the Damned

    Queen of the Damned

    Barely coherent but probably the most powerful example of early 2000s Hot Topic nu metal energy that I’ve ever encountered and, dare I say, a forerunner to the onslaught of YA goth-lite media (read: Twilight) that would follow shortly in its wake.

    Utterly sexless while attempting to act sexy in the same way that a child might farcically mimic adult actions without any understanding of what they mean. They used to make R rated movies like this for the teens(!)…

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  • Nine 1/2 Weeks

    Nine 1/2 Weeks


    Mickey Rourke bringing Kim Basinger to his '80s modern apartment, drenched in the diffuse reflected light from surrounding skyscrapers, playing Brian Eno on his high end stereo, seen through rich film grain like some sort of Patrick Nagel fever dream is 10000% my aesthetic.

  • Step Up 3D

    Step Up 3D


    Moose pop and locks all over my heart in this impossibly good masterpiece of modern cinema.