Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½

I ain't gonna lie, I had my hype meter turned up to 11 on this one. The promotional materials had been selling Apocalypse Now: Kong perfectly to me for months now but an itty bitty part of me was prepared to be disappointed. Worry not, friends. Kong: Skull Island is the real deal* and if you're here looking for monsters eating people and fighting like...well, giant monsters then you've come to the right place. All I really need to be satisfied with a movie like this is the aforementioned large scale destruction but I have to say that the filmmakers outdid themselves with a really great setting in Skull Island and a pretty great cast. Sure, they were all as deep as a puddle but they were all extremely enjoyable to watch, especially John C. Reilly, who was easily the second best thing about the movie. And no spoilers but if they actually follow through with what they promise at the end of the credits then we've got some good monster movies to look forward to over the next decade or so. I just hope they take a page from Kong's playbook.

*Just for some context: please understand that I have a deep, deep love for both King Kong Escapes and King Kong VS Godzilla. I am a simple man who just wants to see big things fight other big things.

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