I came *this* close to completing the Augie Challenge within the confines of the 4th, as I started Duvidha with just enough time to get it in before the strike of midnight, but one cannot always account for how sleepy they may become mere minutes later.

Nonetheless, I think this still counts, as it's not been 24 hours since I logged Green Snake, which bears a striking resemblance to this in the representation of spirits/beings taking human form, gaining the acceptance of those for whom a gaping hole is filled, but drawing disgust from those who just can't stomach a non-human enjoying the boundaries of a bipedal body. Why this form is preferable to the snakes and to the ghost, I may never know, but the grass is always greener on the other side.

At its core, this is a film about sumptuously dyed and ornately patterned fabrics.

#AugieChallenge 4/4

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