Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy

As a dramatized biography of its star (making it semiautobiographical, since he's playing himself), it's a surreal piece of work, taking cues from Dante's Inferno, probably, which I've never read, but I know there's something about a bunch of levels of Hell. I think that's what they're implying Lebron went through in his real life, as he bounces between the WB worlds here.

Lebron is also my friend Amanda's cousin. Removed, by a few degrees, I believe.

This sports a lot more soul than the dried, rotten, prune of a plum that is Too Hot to Handle, American and Brazilian variants, which Tran has been sucked into lately. Those just about make me want to de-brain myself, and this only made me want to maim myself.

Remained down to earth through the first half by staying fingers-deep in some clay.

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