Men in Black ★★★★

Men in Black is the story of an experienced police officer who's enlisted into a secret organization dedicated to the control of space immigration.

Overall, I enjoyed Men in Black. It's a funny sci-fi action film with an easy-to-follow story. I had a lot of trouble pinpointing what exactly I like about this movie, but I think I've got it. It's the pacing. The pacing is just perfect. There are two very distinct stories going on, but they never appear to clash at all. Agent J's story and Edgar's story mesh together so well despite initially not having much to do with each other.

There are a few minor story problems that slightly irritated me. Not really plotholes, just questions that were never answered. For example, why didn't K allow the border patrol to deport the illegal immigrants at the beginning of the film? If they want to keep everything under wraps, wouldn't it be smarter to let border patrol go about their business after you've weeded out the alien from the group?

Also, I just plain can't stand Linda Fiorentino. She's such a terrible actress and she wasn't any better in this role than she's been in any other I've seen.

One last thing I love about Men in Black is that it's full of story-driven, clean humor. It doesn't result to mindless slapstick or random comedic set-pieces like many comedy directors tend to do. After all of this, it still manages to be funny, but it's natural humor. The jokes feel genuine.