Blissfully Yours ★★★★

it’s interesting watching Weerasethakul’s first non-documentary feature film last—I can see many of the things that’ll become obsessions: hospitals, the eroticism, a structure that cuts the film into distinct sections. it’s his first film working with the actress who will star in all subsequent films to varying degrees. it’s somewhat weird to see that this film was made before the motorcycle accident which leaves her with the permanent injury that gets folded into her subsequent characters. the camerawork is much more like Mysterious Object than his following films. it’s his least elliptical, in many ways, and perhaps his bleakest and most melancholy.

while none of this is quite as fully baked as it will be just three years later in Tropical Malady, it’s still full of unparalleled humanity and mysterious beauty, and it’s amazing to catch echoes and traces of the rest of his work in this first foray. 

I’m so glad to have watched these films—each of them has carved a little space in my little heart. Rarely are films as simultaneously gentle, mysterious, beautiful, and unpretentious as these. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future, hopefully a long and fruitful one.