Roma ★★★★½

ROMA. Isn't this the capital of italy? i was expecting a different film.


(okay, now the actual review)

"Oye, me gusta estar muerte."

if i had to describe ROMA in one word, it would be 'deep'.
this story gets to you without you noticing and as soon as something bad happens, it hits you. hard. it is written really well with all its little details and twists.

the set design is outstanding.
the contrast of the image is in a world of its own.
the camera work is on point.

it amazes me that a director dares to go back to just let an image stand and let the actors act in so many scenes. slow pans, shots that go on for a minute or longer, this is exciting in its own way - in a film world that has become so hectic. this is how you begin to understand that every step in this film is important and that you have to take your time noticing the details.

Yalitza Aparicio did an extraordinary job, her acting was excellent (also regarding this seems to have been her first bigger film production).

4,5/5. This is a masterpiece.

(oh, and you're right, Alfonso Cuarón, nobody likes the dallas cowboys)

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