American Honey

American Honey ★★★★★

- "What's your dream?"
- "No one has ever asked me that before."

This film is everything I wish I could experience in my own life but don't have the guts to

I came into this film pretty sure that i'd like it because the synopsis reminded me of Almost Famous and i enjoyed that a lot. But i didn't expect this to be THAT good, especially with its massive 163 minute runtime (i usually die after two hours of any film) and its story that meanders without an end. i love American Honey. i want to watch it again.

yes, this film could be read as a social commentary of sorts; but i felt that American Honey was more a celebration of living in moment. be it the van rides and rap songs, or the conversations with house owners and drivers, this film finds joy in its journeys without care for its destinations.

how is shia labeouf's character so easily likeable? i fell in love with jake the first instance he appeared; and also fell in love with star at that same time. they are occasionally asses to each other but so sincere in what they do i just WANT the best for both of them

it's also amazing how the storytelling and cinematography of this film made it such that i could actually FEEL everything Star was going through. I didn't cry or anything but I could feel this film with my heart. this is what's going to draw me back to this film again, I know it already.

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