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  • Play Dead

    Play Dead


    A cuddly old rottweiler called Greta gets enchanted by a bitter old lady because that lady’s now dead sister ”stole” the old lady’s boyfriend. Tell me another movie where a cute/evil dog kills a dude by poisoning what he thinks is headache medicine...

    Slow but charming film produced by a construction company (!) with people getting offed by said dog. Great stuff, in it’s own way.

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    Dir. cut rewatch. Wow.

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  • Pledge This!

    Pledge This!


    I truly do not exaggerate when I say this is the worst piece of filth ever produced in cinematic history.

  • Thor the Conqueror

    Thor the Conqueror

    Thor wanders around. Thor finds some dudes to beat up. Thor finds a woman to sleep with. Thor finds a cave with ghosts. So, what's Thor really up to? Well, ladies and gentlemen. He is conquering.