David Larsson

Co-host of the swedish genre film FromBeyond podcast. Collect movies, preferrably weird stuff and mostly horror.

Instagram: @thecultyone

Favorite films

  • Halloween
  • Suspiria
  • The Seventh Seal
  • Alucarda

Recent activity

  • Slash


  • Curse III: Blood Sacrifice


  • Project Eerie


  • Catacombs


Recent reviews

  • Cobweb



    Stupid and silly, but not in an entertaining way. The movie feels unfinished at times, with some shoddy effects and plot holes.

  • Halloween



    Still the best movie ever made.

Popular reviews

  • Surf School

    Surf School


    This is not just an awful, terrible in every way movie. This is a declaration of war against mankind. Against everything that we love and hold dear. This is an abomination spawned from the deepest abyss, with the purpose of poisoning us all with it's horribleness.

  • Thor the Conqueror

    Thor the Conqueror

    Thor wanders around. Thor finds some dudes to beat up. Thor finds a woman to sleep with. Thor finds a cave with ghosts. So, what's Thor really up to? Well, ladies and gentlemen. He is conquering.