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  • Stuber


    I like Dave Bautista in Stuber. I like Kumail Nanjiani in it. I liked at least half a dozen jokes and the way the movie tries to harken back to bickering buddy comedies from the eighties and early nineties. And yet I do not like the movie Stuber. Is it because everyone involved is visibly trying to hard? Is it because the good jokes are offset by a surplus of annoying ones? Or is it just because the plot is…

  • Man Up

    Man Up


    Romantic comedies with a truly original concept are hard to come by these days, but Man Up starts with a great premise: a thirtysomething woman pretends to be a fortysomething man’s blind date and surprisingly they actually hit it off. Of course the truth is bound to come out, resulting in all sorts of hijinks – and the movie does a fine job at that – but truly, the plot is not what makes Man Up such a delight. That…

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  • Wild Tales

    Wild Tales


    Why aren't more compendium films made, especially when they are as entertaining as this one? Not every tale in the movie is equally thrilling but some of them you'll never forget. The wedding segment in particular is guaranteed to make you leave your movie seat with a huge, beaming smile.

  • Late Night

    Late Night

    Late Night had lots of buzz about it coming out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, but having now seen the film, I cannot possibly fathom why exactly. The movie doesn’t distinguish itself in any way from most other comedies about a fresh face at the office (this time the writer’s room of a late-night talk show) who somehow magically leaves an immediate and lasting impression on her co-workers. Despite a couple of funny scenes Late Night never shows the…