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  • Curtains



    Nightmare inducing poster art, creepy living dolls, killer granny mask, skating rink blood bath, secluded wintery hell and a heavy dose of mystery and intrigue - it's gotta be Curtains! An 80s slasher filled with great atmosphere and Candian charm.

    Several actresses travel to a secluded mansion to compete for a sought after role. Hosted by creepy director Jonathan Stryker the women soon find themselves thrown into a world of sinister games, toxic relationships and murder! Someone is stalking the…

  • Labyrinth



    Sometimes the only remedy to a hangover is an abundance of puppets and David Bowie dancing around in leather pants.

    Is there anything puppets can't solve?? I think not.

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  • Dead Ringers

    Dead Ringers


    Nothing like a cold winter night and the dim light of a Christmas tree to embrace the nostalgia of a classic Cronenberg film. Dead Ringers is a film I appreciate more with every viewing and I wouldn't be surprised if this crept into my top three Cronenbergian nightmares.

    Despite the lack of visual horror and ghastly creations of Cronenbergs earlier films Dead Ringers still manages to cast a thick layer of dread and misery. It's more of what you don't…

  • The Children

    The Children


    Man those Children are pure jerks! They drive through one little toxic cloud and think they can just hug people until they disintegrate into melty extra cheese pizza corpses? The nerve!

    The Children was shot back to back with Friday the 13th sharing some of the same cast and crew. And there's even a bomb Harry Manfredini score that's very familiar sounding. Children who slowly walk with their arms extended would never seem so menacing if it weren't for that…