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  • Superstition



    Underrated supernatural slasher and forgotten gem within the 80s horror universe. Full of creepy atmosphere, great practical FX and some solid WTF moments. Plus it's Canadian so you know it's going to be top notch! And how awesome is that poster art??

    A witch has returned from the dead to seek revenge on anyone who visits her old stomping ground. Namely a creepy old house and the small town surrounding it. And she doesn't waste any time! In the first…

  • Ænigma



    Many are familiar with the term masterpiece. But few have heard of the ultrapiece. Films that are underrated and will only be discovered for their brilliance much much later than originally intentioned. Aenigma is one of those films.

    Aenigma will be a film recognized years from now as one of Fulci's crowning achievements. And if not then Bob and I will continue to talk about this film as one of Fulci's crowning achievements.

    When we talk about Fulci's greatest films…

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  • The Suckling

    The Suckling


    Cheesy sleazy low budget trash that puts a smile on belial. I was curious about this one for awhile. And after reading Ian West's review it was a must!

    An uncomfortable nightmare that's somehow quirky and mean spirited all in one. Seems like an ambitious attempt at a Henenlotter or Cohen kinda film. And the low budget vibes makes it feel like it's from 1982 not 1990!

    This one takes us on a gritty ride through underground abortion clinics, slimey…

  • Killer Workout

    Killer Workout


    KILLER WORKOUT AKA AEROBICIDE! man that theme song is so deliciously 80s. Everytime I watch this I leave the menu screen on so I can hear that glorious song several times.

    This is a bombastic low budget 80s slasher that has tons of great qualities. 80s aerobics montages, atrocious acting, random and dramatic action sequences, epic chase scenes, nonsensical plot and more aerobics montages!

    Rhonda's Workout is the most happening gym on the block. Anybody and everybody goes to Rhonda's…