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  • Savage Vows

    Savage Vows


    Don't let that horrible artwork fool you this is some primo 90s SOV madness. Brought to you by everyone's favourite bros they ain't no bolonia it's the dang Polonias! Within the first scene we have some nasty synths, frantic camera work and a delightful cheap looking decaying skeleton that's how you start a dang movayyyyyyyyy!

    Once again I need to mention how insane these SOV horror synth scores are. I just can't comprehend how consistently amazing they are and yes…

  • The Dungeonmaster

    The Dungeonmaster


    After Hereditary crushed my soul last night (in a fun way of course) I've retreated back into my B movie cave to get my fix of wacky supernatural shenanigans before I inevitably watch Midsommer for another probable soul crush. And what a fix it was. One of those dream logic induced throw everything at the screen kinda gems that only could have been birthed from the zany 80s.

    From the first scene this thing comes out swinging. Our nerdy protagonist…

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  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    I think I officially like this just as much as the original. It just has such an awesome feel to it. Pure atmospheric perfection drenched in heavy mood and tension. A mean spirited film filled with grizzly kills and jarring violence. Visceral and stylistic dread elevated by great camera details and ominous lighting choices. A great visualization of autumn with its dimly lit streets, retro Halloween costumes and leaves blowing through an abandoned town.

    This movie is further elevated by…

  • Hereditary



    What a light hearted feel good Sunday movie! Late to the party I know but I don't leave my B movie cave all too often as you guys know. And yeah that was some bleak shit. Dang. Like a giant brick wall of gloom and despair constantly crushing you into tiny miserable pieces of sadness. And guess what theres another giant wall dedicated to fear that's simultaneously smashing you into frightened bits of scared nightmare nuggets.

    I'm glad I didn't…