Blood Beat ★★★½

What...a...trip....Another absurd and forgotten film restored to 4K for the fans of bizarre cinema. This is definitely the best restoration job I've seen yet.

This blu barely resembles the grainy and hard to decipher VHS quality version that was often too dark to make out what was happening. I do love the mystery and low budget feel of the VHS version but this is a completely different way to experience this obscure film. It's a more direct link to the actual reality that this film was made in.

Onto the film itself. A woman living in a rural environment becomes possessed by an evil samurai warrior. Which is activated by another woman's orgasms. Pretty self explanatory right? It's an avante garde and psychedelic romp through a nonsensical plot, ridiculous acting, obnoxious/Intense score and crazy SFX. Mostly in the last 20 minutes which are insane! There are sporadic gory moments throughout but the payoff is during that gnarly ending. Also one of my favorite slipcovers ever. Radical.

And it takes place around Christmas so it will be a new anual Christmas horror watch!

I love living in a time where these forgotten 80s horror obscurities are being sought after and rediscovered so we can experience all the crazy films that were left in video oblivion. Bringo!

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