Blood Beat ★★★★

A cerebral and psychedelic nightmare filled with evil samurai possessions, a plethora of mind melting electricity and laser effects, a perfect isolated setting and an artistically abstract style that is the only one of its kind. This is obscure 80s horror at its finest.

This film washes over you like a trance, keeping your focus and drawing you in to all the surreal imagery and bizarre tones. The obnoxious classical music bombards your brain and the creepy old house and desolate countryside provide the perfect atmosphere.

A somewhat of a slow burn that does a great job of slowly building into an all out hallucinogenic mind melt. When this film picks up it evolves into a whirlwind of bright lightning bolts, disturbing possessions and ancient evil spirits. Something is out there lurking on the grounds of the old home waiting to strike. It's only warning is the heavy pulsing of psychic energy.

Theres something that feels very authentic about this film. Kind of like a regional horror film where all the actors are local townspeople and everyone puts all their effort and resources into making a genuine film. This results in a Low budget, yet ambitious creation that's distinctly unique to the filming location and year it was made. A true product of the imaginative horror of the 80s.

Surrender your brain and take a journey to the terrifying alternate dimension known as BLOOD BEAT!

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