Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★★

Another successful blind buy from Arrow Video. I was always curious about Evil Ed and let me tells ya... perfect late night Friday viewing. This one was wah...wah...wahhhkyyyyy.

A new employee joins the splatter and gore department of a horror film company. Best job ever right? Wrong! Poor Eddie doesn't know what the heck he's signed up for! As he edits and watches numerous gore films his reality begins to twist and distort into a horrifying Videodrome-esque reality where nothing is as it seems...

I loved how this film had a low budget SOV film feel with the over the top gore and ultra cheesy dialogue. Part Tales from the Crypt, part Olaf Ittenbach this film had lots of surprises... A fridge gremlin that rips some lines from the actual Gremlins movie (it looks pretty cool to be honest), a Clive Barker looking demon, and a whole lotta one liners and horror movie references.

A film like this really didn't need to be an hour and 40 minutes and I feel that it would have flowed better had it been around the 80-90 minute mark. I loved seeing all the retro horror posters strewn about. Makes me miss my old bedroom...

Trippy, silly and shenanigans on overdrive... many will love Evil Ed, many will hate Evil Ed. Evil Ed!

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