Gremlins ★★★★

The scene where Santa is being mauled by Gremlins is one of my earliest memories of anything horror related. My brother was channel surfing when we landed on that scene. Boom! nightmares for years after that.

I just love the shots of the snowy little town at night drenched in neon lights while the Gremlins are tearing it apart. Its just so festive and nostalgic. And not to mention the classic bar scene! I would totally be hanging at the card table pounding beers with those little jerks! Maybe I wouldn't be as scared of them if I could just hang with them a bit? Like if they saw how fun I could be maybe they wouldn't maul the shit out of me? Wishful thinking I suppose.

I also love how no one is remotely startled when Gizmo first arrives on scene. Sure he's mad cute but he's basically an undiscovered magical alien thing! Wouldn't you be like "hold up a sec, is this thing dangerous? Or infectious? Or telepathic?" Guess it pays to be cute!

This one totally got me into the festive spirit and I can't wait to dive into more seasonal nostalgic nightmares! 🎅🤶🎄🎁

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