Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ★★★½

I don't venture too far from the first 3 Halloween films super often but this is probably my favorite out of the post Season of the Witch movies. I remember 5 being bad and 6 and H20 to be ok.

The Return of Michael Myers opens with a bang with the satisfying ambulance scene. This sets the pace for a solid delivery of suspense and violence. This time around Myers is after his 7 year old niece Jamie. I'm not crazy about Jamie's character and find her to be pretty mediocre. Donald Pleasence is back as Dr. Loomis burned face and all. Pleasence gives a solid performance before he goes more dramatic in the later sequels.

There's some good kills and the director did a decent job of capturing some of the atmosphere from the original Halloween. I love seeing all the old shool Halloween costumes when Jamie is looking for a costume. I feel like costumes and masks just aren't as creative nowadays.

A solid sequel but unfortunately things start to dip in quality after this. This time of year I tend to look past a lot of the flaws because these films are always a blast to watch in October.

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